Mission Statement

"Partnerships International, Inc. periodically brings together industry and government in a collegial and informative setting in order to enhance the U.S.'s abilities and presence throughout the global marketplace and to promote our continuous growth and development in that competitive, demanding and dynamic environment."

About Us

Partnerships International, Inc. is a Florida-based, registered, not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting businesses overcome hurdles to trading successfully in the global marketplace. We place strong importance on the crucial and complex arena of U.S. Export Control Regulations. Please visit our "Training & Education Programs" page to view our upcoming export/import control/compliance programs.

We recognize that, at times, government agencies and industry may not make the best associates. However, we firmly believe that a policy of partnering between government and industry is vital to our national security, to the success of our businesses and to a more successful economy for everyone. We all benefit when preparation and partnering encounters opportunity.

While we cater to all businesses, our special emphasis is on assisting small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) which, generally speaking, do not have access to in-house counsel; neither do they have consistent access to information to enable them to navigate and overcome the issues and concerns of global trading. Therefore, we believe that our "Partnering for Compliance" Mentoring program is important to our SMBs' ability to develop in a compliant and sustainable way. We invite you to browse through our website, especially past participant comments, and send us your recommendations on how we may better serve you. Welcome!

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