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Useful Commonly Used Acronyms

DDTC Acronyms for Licensing - Courtesy of Randi Keenan

Census Bureau Trade Definitions (Acronym Updates)

DoS/DoC/DoD/DoJ/Census Bureau

Department of State Documents (ITAR):

Department of State Licensing:

DoS Acronym List posted 08/22/11:

Department of State Licensing Forms:

DoS/DDTC Commodity Jurisdiction - Paper Submissions for Requests: (09/02/2010)

DoS/DDTC Paper Submissions of Agreements: (09/01/2010)

Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Status Posts - DDTC (weekly updates):

DSP-73 and DSP-61 License Applications - Supporting Documentation Requirements - UPDATED (posted 06/23/2011): (Licensing)

Guidelines for Implementing New Dual National/Third-Country National Policy for Agreements:


126.18 Exemptions regarding intra-company, intra-organization, and intra-governmental transfers to employees who are dual nationals or third-country nationals - FAQs:

General Correspondence for Amendment of Existing ITAR Authorizations Due to U.S. Entity Name/Address and/or Registration Code Changes (posted 06/21/2011): (Licensing)

Requests for Proviso Reconsideration and/or Clarification (Updated 06/21/2011): (Licensing)

DSP-85 Applications - Supplemental Guidance (Updated 06/21/2011): (Licensing)

ITAR - Dual Nationals and Third-Country Nationals Employed by End-Users:

State/DDTC Issues Updated Guidelines for Licensing of Foreign Persons Employed by U.S. Persons - Guidance as of 02/27/2009

State/DDTC Amends ITAR 22 CFR Parts 122 & 129 to Increase Registration Fees:

Licensing of Foreign Persons Employed by a U.S. Person - UPDATED 09/30/09

Updated FAQs Licensing of Foreign Persons Employed by a U.S. Person

Updated Sample checklist for Completing DSP-5 Application for the employment of Foreign Persons

NSDDs - Transfer of Scientific, Technical & Engineering Information

State/DDTC Launches D-Trade 2: Change in Data Requirements Prior to Submission of a D-Trade License Application or Amendment

Tips on using D-Trade 2 system to "ensure optimal performance and a better end-user experience.":

Guidelines for Preparing Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Requests:

State/DDTC Posts Guidance on New Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Form DS-4076 -09/30/09

State/DDCT Guidelines for Preparing Electronic Agreements (Coordinating Draft-3) - 10/07/09

State/DDTC New Guidance on Unauthorized Temporary Imports of Defense Articles

State/DDTC Launches Full Version of MARY Status Retrieval System:

DDTC Response Team Contact Information:

Department of Commerce Documents (EAR):

BIS Online Training Room:

BIS 2014 Update Available Documents:

BIS Publishes an Amendment to the Export Administration Regulations: Application Processing, Issuance, and Denial (03/07/2011):

BIS Implements Changes to Wassenaar Arrangement's List of Dual Use Goods & Technologies:

DoC/BIS Amends EAR Parts 770 & 774 to Clarify Export Control Jurisdiction for Civil Aircraft Equipment under EAA Section 17(c):

Best Practices for Preventing Unlawful Diversion of U.S. Dual-Use Items Subject to the Export Administration Regulations, Particularly through Transshipment Trade:

BIS Updates Encryption Export Rule on Federal Register 06/2010: (Rule): (Rule Summary):

DoC/BIS Amends EAR Parts 742, 744 & 774:

BIS Mandatory Electronic Filing for Most Export & Re-Export License Applications:

BIS Factsheet 11/01/2007

Commerce Control List

BIS Revised Entity List:

BIS Announces Updates to SNAP-R Electronic Application Form

DoC/BIS Compliance Guidelines: How to Develop an Effective Export Management and Compliance Program and Manual

Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP):

BIS Changes Website Link for Export Administration Regulations - New EAR Landing Site - includes CCL Alphabetical Index & CCL List on the GPOs eCFR:

Department of Defense Documents:

Notice from DTSA Regarding DOD Software Guidelines

DOD Software Guidelines are no longer available from individual points of contact at DTSA. DTSA now has a centralized email address: where exporters can send a request for the policy and can ask questions about it. This email address will remain constant as individuals change (and retire) so that changes will be transparent to the exporters. October 13, 2010

DoD/DTSA Software Guidelines: Notice

DoD amends DFARS: Export-Controlled Items; R&D Contract Type Determination; Acquisitions...

Department of Justice Documents:

Principles of Federal Prosecution of Business Organizations:

Technical Data advice on non-US citizen employees:

Census Bureau Documents:

Census Bureau Foreign Trade Definitions:

The Census Bureau had interpreted the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) to exclude shipments addressed to APO, FPO, or DPO addresses from filing in the Automated Export System (AES). (08/11/2011).

USPPI (Principal Party of Interest): Drop Shipment Policy Definitive Ruling

U.S. Census Bureau Training Videos link:

Canadian Export Controls Documents

Update: Canadian Export Controls Policy & Practices:

Bjorn Uggla, Group Legal Affairs Vice President and Head of Export Compliance at Saab AB

John C. Pisa-Relli

"Three Essential Hallmarks of Effective In-House Trade Compliance Professionals" by John C. Pisa-Relli, Managing Director - Trade Compliance, Accenture

ITAR Enforcement Monograph

"Monograph on U.S. Defense Trade Enforcement" by John C. Pisa-Relli, Special Counsel - Corporate, International Trade and Investment, Aerospace & Defense - Fried Frank, Washington, DC (Rev. 05312012)

"Am I My Broker's Keeper? and Other ITAR Brokering Questions Inspired by the BAE Case" by John C. Pisa-Relli, Legal Director - Trade Compliance, Thales USA, Inc. (UPDATED July 18, 2011)

Julia Mason, Senior Associate, FD Associates

ITAR Certified, What Does It Mean?

NASA/KSC Export Administration Department Documents

NASA - Foreign Persons vs. U.S. Person Definition

DHS/USCBP - Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad

Export Administration Guidelines for Handcarry of Laptop Computers

Department of Treasury Certificate of Registration - Articles Exported

Laptop Letter to Customs - Handcarry of Laptop Computer

Export Briefing for Foreign Travel - (Microsoft PowerPoint File)

Export Briefing for Foreign Travel - (PDF File)

NASA/Kennedy Space Center Export Controls website

NASA - Export Control Plan Template

Center for Technology & Innovation, The Brookings Institution

John Villasenor, Ph.D, Addressing Export Control in the Age of Cloud Computing

Braumiller Law Group, PLLC

Importer Security Filing (ISF) ("10+2")

ISF Comments BSL 031508-2

Federal Register - Proposed Rules 6061

DDTC Publishes Guidance on Temporary Imports of Defense Articles

Susan Gasparo, Assistant Director for Export Control Compliance, Stony Brook University

Things to Consider when Hosting a J-1 Visiting Research Scholar

Reed Smith (UK)

INCOTERMS 2010 - with kind permission from Suzanne Bainbridge, Partner, Energy/Trade/Commodities, Reed Smith, London, UK.

10-224 ETC - INCOTERMS 2010 - What you need to know (Part 1)!

10-252 ETC - INCOTERMS 2010 - What you need to know (Part 2)!

10-273 ETC - INCOTERMS 2010 - What you need to know (Part 3)!

David Hayes Export Controls (UK)

Why do US Export Controls Affect Non-US Companies?

Thompson Hine, LLP

Is your Company's Website Revealing International Trade Law Violations?

V. Alexander & Co., Inc

CUA (Compendium of Useful Acronyms)


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